Monday, March 27 

KL Chic?

Yo. We are alive. Really.

Going by the blog, you'd never know, I realise. But hey, we haven't had much to blog about, one day just merges into another, and before you know it another month's passed.

But, good news, we do have something to blog about again: We were up in KL over the weekend - last minute type thing to meet the Lees and the Tohs. Good friends that they have become over the years; and man, were we pleasantly surprised at how chic the marriot's basement has gotten. In fact the stretch of Bukit Bintang has been spruced up quite nicely with outdoor bars resembling moorish lounges. Rather nice.

But the highlight - visually anyway - must be the JW Marriot/starhill plaza basement.
The entire area was redecorated by a Japanese designer who rather cleverly split up the area into several resturants and bars using lights and furniture. There are no obvious barriers between the various areas, and the only reason you'd know you were in the Thai restuarant rather than the noodle bar is the lighting and furniture.

The restaurants are all rather whimiscally designed, its something right out of a mushroom-fuelled trip.
We stumbled onto this one - check out the profusion of ornate brass lanterns and glass-bottle columns. We couldn't help it. Had to have a beer at this one.

Managed to spend a bomb on alcohol in KL: amazing what you can do when you set your mind onnit. heheh.

But found a very good value sangria at this tapas place, also at the Marriot basement.

Erh, yes, just about three hours after our beers we were back drinking.

That huge thing you see was all of MYR15. Which works out to be say, S$6 or US$3.50.

And it did have a nice load of alcohol innit.


Let's just say that, erh, while waiting for the Tohs to pull up and pick us up, we had three of these babies, and I was so buzzed that I stepped into a hole on the side of the pavement.

No injuries to report (either to my ego, dignity or corpus) because I was saved from falling by Eugene's implacable bulk. For some reason, with alcohol on board, he just becomes more stoic. Even when he hurls (am sure everyone has by now heard stories of G's hurling).

Sunday, March 19 

Radio silence

Sorry about the radio silence; think its a bit harder to blog about the common everyday life as opposed to having milestones like xx and yy before we got hitched.

Working on a Sunday - bought sushi for everyone but, in typical fashion, bought too much, and now, i'll prolly have to eat the stuff for dinner as well. Norhing's happened yet, hopefully, it stays that way.

There's supposed to be st patrick's day parade in Boat Quay today - sounds fun... think G will go, but, no chance over at this end.

Seems like its pretty much set: We're leaving for Rochester, Mn within three months.
Still trying to find a job for me, and hopefully, the visa stuff clears in time.

We'll have to evacuate the pretty flat quite soon, so suggest that if you haven't been yet, to come on over when you are free for the last glimpses of the apartment.

Will post again when I have more news.

Friday, March 10 

Funds for Mayo

We just got news that Gene has got funding - though only half a year's worth - to go to the Mayo clinic on his fellowship.

It also means that its going to be crazy in the next few months as he applies for his Visa, deal with the administration BS and get packed for Rochester, Minnesota.

Where? I hear you ask. Don't worry, I had the exact same reaction when I first heard too.

Things are happening too fast. I don't know what's going to be the next step - all sorts of stuff have to be confirmed/cleared, not least is the General Elections, and it seems that I'll be on the team covering it.

All leave from mid April frozen, which is worrying cos it could eat into June, when G is supposed to go. We are also supposed to move out of the apartment then.

Well, I'll keep the blog updated on the big time decisions coming up. Wish us well.

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